Free download – Arduino meets LabVIEW – Wiring, Installation & Programming

Arduino meets LabVIEW – Wiring, Installation & Programming

Virtualise your Arduino on PC Screen using LabVIEW.

Course Description

Arduino Smart Control is a course specially created for Electronic Geeks, Engineering Students & Engineerswho wants to take Arduino Programming to next level.
The course lesson will explains “How to work on Arduino” by using C Language. This course will work best for you if you own an Arduino UNO. Later you will learn how to interface the Arduino with LabVIEW.
Arduino can be used in your Engineering projects, Industrial Projects or Home Automation related projects.
Why Learn Arduino?
If you an Engineering or Science student you might come across projects in which you want Physical interaction with your computer system & to display the operations on PC Screen
Arduino is one of the cost effective board you can purchase & starts programming to interact physical elements with your logic & create results the way you want.
And using LabVIEW , you can display the various process parameters like Motor Speed, LED ON/OFF Feedback, Temperature Signal & many others digital or analogue processes.Moreover, you can createunlimited Buttons, Switches & Message Boxto control the Arduino
Moreover, by learning Arduino you can create Innovative Projects. You just need to THINK, WIRE & CODE.
Brief Outline:
  1. High Quality Video Tutorials on Arduino Wiring (Fritzing), Arduino Programming Interfacing with LabVIEW
  2. Includes Arduino E-books & Circuit Diagrams
  3. Includes LabVIEW Codes, Aps.
  4. Arduino Programming using C Language.
Arduino used :
  • Arduino UNO
  • ATMega 328 Micro-controller
  • 14 Digital Input/ Output Pins
  • PWM Output (8 Bit)
  • 6 Analog Inputs (10 Bits)
  • USB Programmable
LabVIEW Version required2009 or later (We have used 2013 version in the videos)
Will you get the Certificate?
You’ll get a certificate of completion after you completed this course. Anyways in the world of web development a certificate is not as important as in other careers. Tech companies nowadays hire developers judging by their past projects, experience and skills. It’s guaranteed that no company will hire you just because you have a degree or a certificate on the wall.
For any queries & help, we are just an E-mail away!

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Knowledge of Digital Electronics
  • Arduino Board & Kit Material

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Design Arduino Circuit in Fritzing
  • Learn Arduino Programming & Interfacing
  • To Program Arduino using C Language

What is the target audience?

  • Engineering Students – Electronics, Electrical & Computer Science
  • High School Science Students
  • Electronic Geeks, Hobbiest & Art Students
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